1. Hers Story: Zoey Fighting Illness and Infidelity, Coming Out a Winner

    Zoey is a seasoned Educational Assistant and a newly certified teacher from Trent.  Graduated in June 2019, she is now back home to Markham and to her beloved studio.  She started her HERS journey early on and is an original member of our Markham location.  Back in March 2016, Zoey was seeking something different in her life. She was going through a trauma and her colleagues mentioned trying so…Read More

  2. Hers Story: Vanessa Tsang “Fighting Back”

    Vanessa joined HERS for a reason, unlike most clients I've interviewed.  The spunky single 32-year-old and I met a couple of years ago when we shared our love for all things Disney (she loves Baymax from Big Hero 6).  She ventured off to Disney World, on her own, adventurous and excited. I had no idea then what she was truly battling. Inside, Vanessa was overcoming a hurtful experience, but no o…Read More

  3. Hers Story – Paula’s Fitness Journey

    Paula has been a staple at HERS for the past two and a half years.  Now 39 and a former beauty blogger, she knows that physical appearance is important, but it always stems from good health on the inside first.  Married, Paula often shows up to class with a frequent visitor, her eleven-year-old son, Adam. He waits for her patiently while his mom completes her workouts because he understands that…Read More

  4. hers story: Super Sisters

    Winnie and Gigi are super sisters and HERS advocates.  Not only do they see each other every day at work, they work out almost every day together.  They find that exercising together provides them with a challenge, motivation, and a familial bond.  They both work at a sleep clinic so they know the importance of a healthy all-around lifestyle. They understand that proper sleep, nutrition, and ex…Read More

  5. hers story: Rosanne D’Amico – Not healthy is NOT an option

    Rosanne is a woman who is always on the go, and even our interview had to be done on the road as she headed for a HERS class. How fitting!   It was in January of this year when Rosanne said to herself – I can’t let age and a busy schedule take my health away from me. Turning 49 in June, Rosanne was looking for something special and unique to hold her interest. Many of her friends found the e…Read More

  6. hers story: Take Me To Class

    Laura, a high school teacher, is a new grad learning to juggle a full-time job and her workout routine. She experienced some kickboxing classes in her apartment building for a couple of years. It was fun and it got her interested in the sport. However, she wanted a new studio that would assess her properly. She tried the Evolve Kickboxing, but those classes depended on her partner. If anyone wasn'…Read More

  7. hers story: Lisa Dyer

    Lisa Dyer was settled into her routine at a local gym. She had a corporate membership with her spouse’s company benefits. Lisa used the machines because everyone else did them, but wasn’t sure exactly what she was getting out of them. She did a personal circuit as best as she could. The classes took too long and she didn’t see the results she wanted. When Lisa heard about a new kickboxing st…Read More

  8. hers story: Jacqueline Yee

    “I reached a plateau.” Jacqueline isn't the first person who exercises who has made this statement or recognized this situation in herself.  She worked out at a co-ed Goodlife for years, enduring the long treadmill runs and weight machines. She didn't do the classes because she didn't have a feel for them.  She suddenly sought out kickboxing because she wanted to try something completely out…Read More

  9. Hers Story: Noelle Hunt – All about the Heart

    Noelle Hunt doesn’t see herself as exceptional.  She is a regular mom, an educational assistant turned artist.  Nowadays, she attends classes at Hers about three times a week because her journey through life lead her here. Growing up, she suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD, a body-image disorder that affects about 2% of the population.  BDD often develops in adolescents and teens a…Read More