1. hers story: Jennifer Chau – Passion for Food and Fight

    At 37, Jennifer Chau is living her best life.  If only she had known about HERS earlier, she would be living even a better and healthier one.  With a supportive husband and a 19 year-old son, this beauty consultant for La Mer at Nordstrom, has fallen in love with HERS.  She finds it a rush and it's addicting. It is something she can't get enough of. Like most HERS clients, she found it a challe…Read More

  2. hers story: Jeanette Doan – Goals

    Bubbly and excitable are words I’d use to describe Jeanette. A single mom who recently acknowledged that self-care is just as important as caring for her two sons. Jeanette has found her rhythm at our studio and we are so happy to have her. It was almost a decade ago that Jeanette had regular exercise in her routine. She attended Goodlife where she did her thing on the machines. She would do a h…Read More

  3. Hers story: Binu George – What’s up, Doc?

    As a medical professional, Binu knows more than anyone how important it is to eat well, get regular daily exercise and sleep a healthy amount of time. However, she is only human and of course, it is easier to be tempted by treats and give in to cravings than just to stick to what "one should do." After having her son, she found herself in the range of having a very unhealthy lifestyle. She had t…Read More

  4. Hers Story: Anna Sophia – Gimme an A!

    Unlike most jobs, teachers don’t work 9 to 5 and leave it all in the office.   They bring it home with them and the stress of that needs somewhere to go. For 27 year old Anna-Sophia, who currently teaches a grade 6/7 split for the Toronto District School Board, HERS is the perfect outlet for that.  A Markham local, she discovered HERS when out with her mom. Her mom pointed it out across from …Read More

  5. Hers Story: Amy Chan – New Mom, New Routine

     Amy Chan is a busy lady.  Not only does she have a baby boy to take care of, she also works three jobs.  She manages an oral surgeon’s office, works at a local optical store, and is developing an app.  Whoa, talk about a juggling act!  Amy had a multitude of exercise choices before deciding that HERS was the one.  She was a part of the Good Life family as well as L.A. Fitness. She wanted …Read More

  6. Hers Story: Sylvie Chua – Fighting Spirit

    Dedicated.  Motivated. Challenged.  These are some words to describe Hers member, Sylvie Chua.   Sylvie was seeking a new exercise program in her life after retiring from running a few years ago.  An accomplished runner, she has at least eight marathons under her belt. She has done runs in Toronto, New York City, Boston, and even Disney!  She took up running on her own and discovered runnin…Read More

  7. Hers Story: Yvonne Ng – How I Transformed My Life With Hers Kickboxing

    YVONNE NG: HOW I TRANSFORMED MY LIFE WITH HERS KICKBOXING Turning 40 is a milestone, and like many others, the time was to reflect on my life journey.  Having gone through three successful pregnancies and three significant losses, I believe pregnancy played a huge role in hormonal fluctuations and eventually a hypothyroid diagnosis.  I finally had clarity as to why those stubborn last ten pounds…Read More