1. Private Health Insurance: Understanding your options

    Private Health Insurance: Understanding your options  As Ontarians, we’re lucky to have a world-class provincial healthcare system in place. But it’s no secret that there are gaps in OHIP coverage that can result in significant out of pocket expenses. The cost of prescription drugs, vision care, registered therapists and dental care can really add up.   The good news is that private health …Read More

  2. Why ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is No Longer the Standard

    Why ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is No Longer the Standard Originally posted on inbodyusa.com/blogs/inbodyblog/why-no-pain-no-gain-is-no-longer-the-standard As you near closer to the end of a tough workout, you might try telling yourself “no pain, no gain” to help motivate you to make it through. Many pride themselves on muscle soreness after a workout. Pain means muscle is building, right? The sho…Read More

  3. What You Need to Know If You Are Thinking About Starting a Detox Diet

    What You Need to Know If You Are Thinking About Starting a Detox Diet Posted on inbodyusa.com/blogs on June 12, 2018 Open any popular magazine at the supermarket checkout on any given issue and chances are good that you’ll see an article on the latest “detox diet.” Often tied to a celebrity from the entertainment world, and occasionally endorsed or promoted by these famous people, detox diet…Read More

  4. hers story: Super Sisters

    Winnie and Gigi are super sisters and HERS advocates.  Not only do they see each other every day at work, they work out almost every day together.  They find that exercising together provides them with a challenge, motivation, and a familial bond.  They both work at a sleep clinic so they know the importance of a healthy all-around lifestyle. They understand that proper sleep, nutrition, and ex…Read More

  5. How Do Different Exercises Impact Your Body Composition?

    Despite the tremendous amount of medical research produced in recent years, preventable chronic diseases continue to impact countless families. The most common health condition that is currently on the rise, being obesity. Obesity is defined as being excessively fat or overweight with the cornerstones of obesity treatment as diet and exercise. With that being said, we’re going to go over some of…Read More

  6. hers story: Rosanne D’Amico – Not healthy is NOT an option

    Rosanne is a woman who is always on the go, and even our interview had to be done on the road as she headed for a HERS class. How fitting!   It was in January of this year when Rosanne said to herself – I can’t let age and a busy schedule take my health away from me. Turning 49 in June, Rosanne was looking for something special and unique to hold her interest. Many of her friends found the e…Read More

  7. hers story: Take Me To Class

    Laura, a high school teacher, is a new grad learning to juggle a full-time job and her workout routine. She experienced some kickboxing classes in her apartment building for a couple of years. It was fun and it got her interested in the sport. However, she wanted a new studio that would assess her properly. She tried the Evolve Kickboxing, but those classes depended on her partner. If anyone wasn'…Read More

  8. hers story: Lisa Dyer

    Lisa Dyer was settled into her routine at a local gym. She had a corporate membership with her spouse’s company benefits. Lisa used the machines because everyone else did them, but wasn’t sure exactly what she was getting out of them. She did a personal circuit as best as she could. The classes took too long and she didn’t see the results she wanted. When Lisa heard about a new kickboxing st…Read More

  9. hers story: Jacqueline Yee

    “I reached a plateau.” Jacqueline isn't the first person who exercises who has made this statement or recognized this situation in herself.  She worked out at a co-ed Goodlife for years, enduring the long treadmill runs and weight machines. She didn't do the classes because she didn't have a feel for them.  She suddenly sought out kickboxing because she wanted to try something completely out…Read More