Bubbly and excitable are words I’d use to describe Jeanette. A single mom who recently
acknowledged that self-care is just as important as caring for her two sons. Jeanette has found
her rhythm at our studio and we are so happy to have her.

It was almost a decade ago that Jeanette had regular exercise in her routine. She
attended Goodlife where she did her thing on the machines. She would do a half hour of cardio
and an hour on weights. Problem was, she never got that good sweat she wanted. You know
the one that leaves you red-faced and dripping and you’re convinced you’re reaching your goal
towards weight loss and improving your cardiovascular strength? Jeanette felt something, but it
wasn’t a complete exercise program.

Jeanette went to the gym because it was a habit, but the results weren’t satisfying. She
tried the fad diets like keto in the past. She dropped 30 pounds here and there, but once you
get off a plan like that, it all comes back. She researched and learned about portion control and
balancing the good with the treats. She soon incorporated eating well, meal planning and
prepping and soon saw the pounds drop. Maintaining a healthy weight is really just 80% diet
and 20% exercise. Jeanette learned that first hand and soon dropped almost fifty pounds. She
was getting excited! She knew that extra weight was from stress and emotional eating. Going
through a separation and gaining weight just a lot to deal with.

She recently discovered HERS Fitness Kickboxing through a friend whose children
attend the same school as our beloved instructor, Cristina. Jeanette’s new program has worked
tremendously for her and her results are nothing less than astounding. Since June 2018, she
has dropped 60 pounds. She tried the trial class in early June and stuck with it for two weeks
unlimited. She was hooked! It didn’t even take the 21 days to become habit. She just loved
HERS right away and can you blame her? The results spoke for themselves!

“I love to punch!” she laughs. She jokes that the single mom in her sometimes needs to
let out some aggression. It’s always the B.O.B. that gets people hooked though. Punching the
air just isn’t the same. Now that she has lost so much weight, her kids are happier too. She
can keep up her boys. Before HERS, Jeanette had a hard time wanting to head out to the park
with her kids. The motivation wasn’t there because she knew it was a walk to get there and
who knows what other activities awaited her there. Now, Jeanette gets right in there and can
keep up. Her boys are her biggest supporters and are thrilled at her progress! “I wish I didn’t
hold off as long as I did.”

She has gone back to school for Human Resources and her new weight and shape are
something to be proud of. This mom is working hard for her family at home, but also finally
putting priority on herself. All coaches have helped her along the way. They push her and
support her goals. The heart monitor also gives her that extra push to do better. Competition
does a lot and seeing it up on there on the monitor, she doesn’t want to be in last place. She
wants to get into the orange zone and even the red. She knows that consistency is key.

Jeanette will get to the gym several times a week because she wants to reach her goal. That
magic number is for her to know, but no doubt this lady can do it. She’s got the heart of a
fighter and she is definitely fighting towards a healthier happier her. Great work, Jeanette!
Keep going! We are so proud of your progress.