We are a community

We rejoice with your successes and we believe in you no matter what. Here you are more than a number, more than a member, you are one of our own.

We will train with you and empower you. We will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Even if you haven’t been to a studio in a long time, or maybe ever. You may be a fitness buff or you may be a complete novice. Don’t worry. There is a place for you at Hers Fitness.

We keep our boutiques small so you never feel lost. We embrace your challenges with you and we create a space where you have the support you need to succeed.

There is more…

We have the newest tech to keep track of your progress and support you even between studio sessions.

While you work out you can watch your heart rate in real time and adjust your workout as needed. It shows you how hard you are training and makes it easy to achieve your personal goals without guesswork.

You can see your workout summary, track your progress and participate in challenges to collect reward points. Motivation is the game with real life results.

Get yours before your next class!

You can also ask us about your personal health app where you can keep track of your progress between sessions and make fitness a lifestyle choice that propels you to the next level.

“Hers Kickboxing has been very friendly and helpful. I love that it’s 45 mins and done, not something I have to spend hours and hours doing. The friendly competition helps keep me motivated, but in all honesty the only real competition is with yourself!” ~ Noele H.