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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story: Lisa Dyer

Lisa Dyer was settled into her routine at a local gym. She had a corporate membership with her spouse’s company benefits. Lisa used the machines because everyone else did them, but wasn’t sure exactly what she was getting out of them. She did a personal circuit as best as she could. The classes took too long and she didn’t see the results she wanted. When Lisa heard about a new kickboxing studio in the area from her co-worker, she gave it a shot. Lisa has found a place to call her own. She loves the feeling she gets when she is done a workout and the 45 minute classes are perfect for her lifestyle. She feels stronger with each class and the success of getting through one is an accomplishment.

Lisa is in customer service with a cosmetics company so appearances are pretty important. Feeling good comes from within and over the past couple of years, Lisa’s progress has made a huge leap. She couldn’t do a single burpee before and now she can keep up with the ladies in the class. Her confidence and faith in herself have soared. She appreciates how much the coaches at HERS push her to do her best. The high intensity of the classes fuels her fire to reach her goals of weight loss and strength development. Even her husband and two university-aged kids are thoroughly impressed with Lisa’s achievements. They can’t believe the 46-year-old has lost almost thirty pounds and still going. Lisa is looking and feeling great!

Our resident and long-standing member of HERS attends classes four to five times a week and sometimes does a double class. She loves Cardio Chisel because doesn’t require weights, but she still finds it a challenge. Like many others, she cites Coach Suzanne as a strong force to contend with. “She REALLY pushes me. I can’t stop.” She also names Cristina as a favourite coach because she remembers taking the classes alongside her. She just adores Caity and her positivity and never hesitates to ask her for nutritional suggestions. Lisa also finds Cristina’s healthy recipes on Instagram helpful when it comes to new and exciting foods and ingredients.

When discussing matters of food and diet, Lisa just wanted to eat better overall. She was all about the protein, but without the shakes. She became more conscious about her food intake. She cut out alcohol and made it a point to be disciplined. She knew she wanted a burger, but would it be worth it? She worked so hard on her new body so more often than not, the answer is a resounding NO.

Lisa speaks with verve about HERS and she knows that one just has to try it to fall in love with it. She is ready to continue with her program and push herself more. With increased weights, Lisa will get more results. She has had a blast meeting other HERS members and the support she receives is invaluable. She gives it right back. She is happy with the new weights and it’s a great area to do a warm-up before class for personal weight work.

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