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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story – Paula’s Fitness Journey

Paula has been a staple at HERS for the past two and a half years. Now 39 and a former beauty blogger, she knows that physical appearance is important, but it always stems from good health on the inside first. Married, Paula often shows up to class with a frequent visitor, her eleven-year-old son, Adam. He waits for her patiently while his mom completes her workouts because he understands that being healthy and strong has become a strong priority for her. Paula is a good role model for healthy eating habits and exercise but hasn’t changed her whole outlook on life. “It’s still important to treat yourself and enjoy food. Everything in moderation” is her motto. She hasn’t changed her diet but just ensures she doesn’t do too much of one thing.

Like many of our clients, Paula started out at the gym doing large group classes and some weight machines. She liked the classes, but soon, that franchise cut back on live coaches and leaned towards virtual teachers. She met other gym-goers and enjoyed her experience, but she missed the real-time coaching that she wanted from a class. She used to kickbox at NOX before the gym and loved the techniques. With her background in kickboxing, she knew her techniques were up to speed and she needed something else. She Googled her way through Markham sites, soon found her way to HERS, and never looked back.

Although she never minded a co-ed gym, Paula prefers the all-female crew at HERS. From the clients (whom many she has befriended because of her bubbly personality) to the coaches, the environment is a safe one. Her goal was to get more in shape and to burn some fat. She says feeling good in her clothes is more how to she rates her weight loss than the scale itself. “I didn’t keep track of the weight. It’s about feeling good,” she said when asked how she knows she has reached her goal. She looked towards more cardio and strength training and HERS provides that with the many varieties of classes is provides. By switching up the routine monthly and always using the hottest music mixes, the workouts always get the heart racing and blood pumping.

Despite not being about Super Sculpt at first, Paula has learned to love it. “It’s intense! The bursts of cardio and weights, oh…I feel so much fitter after it.” She credits a lot of that to Suzanne, who continues to be named as a coach who pushes her clients to their max. Paula can’t decide between her favourite coach because everyone puts their own spin on teaching. HERS is a great environment for getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. Give us a call today or visit us at

If you have a story to share, please contact Yvonne at HERS or let the coaches know you are interested in being featured.


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