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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story: Super Sisters

Winnie and Gigi are super sisters and HERS advocates. Not only do they see each other every day at work, they work out almost every day together. They find that exercising together provides them with a challenge, motivation, and a familial bond. They both work at a sleep clinic so they know the importance of a healthy all-around lifestyle. They understand that proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise builds up your mind and matter. Gigi believes that their sisterly bond has developed over the past year and nothing before has bridged their significant age gap like punching and kicking out their daily stress. B.O.B. has done wonders for them both – physically and emotionally.

Winnie is 23 and Gigi is 39. Growing up in two separate generations means their conversations linked to considerably different things. They have multiple interests, but a lot of their talk now focuses on the classes, coaches, and new routines. HERS brings so much more to real life than just what happens inside the studio. It has become a part of their lifestyle and culture.

At first, Winnie went to HERS just to accompany her sister. Her previous physical activities included field hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and dragon-boat racing. She certainly had a dynamic repertoire of exercise under her belt! Gigi found HERS and needed a friend to get her there (literally, she doesn’t drive, lol) so she asked her sister Winnie. On the days her sister can’t make it, Winnie will take an UBER to the bus stop to get to her workouts. Talk about dedication! (We all know that Markham/Scarborough traffic isn’t a joke.)

Winnie’s goal was to get that elusive “summer bod” and she said over the years that has never happened. Now with HERS, her motivation is to put on muscle mass because she has started to see results. Her high metabolism meant her weight was consistent, but she wanted a different muscle/body fat ratio. She is a really self-conscious person, but the vibe of the studio was different. There was no judgment and no leering. She got there and was focused from the start. Gigi, the older sister, had a different goal: get fit and stay that way. She is thrilled that she has lost ten pounds over the past year. Her dedication of attending classes regularly is certainly worthy of applause.

Both ladies agree that the coaches are spectacular. Winnie enjoys Super Sculpt with Suzanne because despite the class being “insane,” she feels a good pain and Suzanne pushes her. Winnie finds all the coaches inspiring in different ways and they push her for her own good. They help her feel good about herself and she has so much fun at each class. Gigi finds there isn’t any uncomfortable pressure in any classes she takes. She never feels embarrassed by a coach and if they need to help her with her form, she appreciates that they come up to her instead of calling her out in front of everyone. She had bad experiences before in yoga class and she felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. At HERS, being at ease is a huge part of the experience.

For these two ladies, they understand that nutrition is important along with their workouts to see results. They try to eat healthily. “I will never deny a burger and fries,” laughs Winnie. It’s all about balance. Eat clean during the week and have a little treat on the weekends. That’s what life is about. Like these two sisters, they gave HERS a shot and have never looked back. Grab a friend or a sister and come check us out! We may be the start of a long-lasting conversation for you too. 🙂


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