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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story: Sylvie Chua – Fighting Spirit

Dedicated. Motivated. Challenged. These are some words to describe Hers member, Sylvie Chua. Sylvie was seeking a new exercise program in her life after retiring from running a few years ago. An accomplished runner, she has at least eight marathons under her belt. She has done runs in Toronto, New York City, Boston, and even Disney! She took up running on her own and discovered running groups who supported her new hobby. She joined The Running Room and Running Free Canada. She learned how to pace herself for a run and to use the proper breathing techniques to keep up her stamina. After a while, however, running was just running and it no longer brought her any excitement. It was the same roads every day and the same routine. Sylvie decided she was going to go a completely new direction and try kickboxing.

Like with running, Sylvie Googled her way through searches and found Hers. Although not close to her home, the appeal of an all women’s studio was strong. She had her initial class and loved it! She has two daughters and one son who has been to class during a family event. He couldn’t believe how well she did! Sylvie loves the variety of classes and all the trainers, but has a special place in her heart for Suzanne. “She really pushes me.” She loves the 45-minute classes, which is just enough time for her to get in a great sweat and head home for a protein shake before starting her job as a Dynacare lab technologist from 4 pm to midnight. Her long drive to Brampton for work prevents her from hanging out and chatting with the ladies for long, but she makes small talk whenever she can. She sees the ladies beside her, especially the younger ones, and feels great because not only can she keep up, on some days, she fully surpasses them.

On days when her lower back acts up, Suzanne is there to give options. Modifying the exercises, (walk instead of jump, if her bursitis gives her issues) allows for Sylvie to enjoy the workout while keeping her health a priority. Attending four to five classes a week is no small feat, but she says she hasn’t really noticed. I was amazed when she told me this! (I can barely do three classes and walk properly!) Her muscle tone has made significant jumps and where she couldn’t do a push-up before, she can now do them on a medicine ball forcing her core even further. Amazing!

Sylvie’s favourite class is BOXcamp because of the mix of exercises in a short period of time. She tries equipment that is unfamiliar which not only challenges her mind, but works her muscles too. Sylvie doesn’t follow a special diet, but has paid more attention to fresh vegetables over meat lately. She loves roasted veggies and her protein shake. Sylvie likes her morning classes and hopefully, I will meet up with her in the summer and see this awesome lady in action! Who’s coming to join us?

If you would like to be part of our “Her Story” series, please send me an email at You can be the one who inspires someone to start their journey towards health and happiness.


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