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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story: Take Me To Class

Laura, a high school teacher, is a new grad learning to juggle a full-time job and her workout routine. She experienced some kickboxing classes in her apartment building for a couple of years. It was fun and it got her interested in the sport. However, she wanted a new studio that would assess her properly. She tried the Evolve Kickboxing, but those classes depended on her partner. If anyone wasn’t on par, it was a rough session and Laura didn’t want to question her workout sessions. She wanted a push so she sought one out.

When Laura discovered HERS, she was happy to know that she was working independently and yet with a group. Much like side-by-side play for kids, the unity of following an instructor with the ability to focus on your own growth was great for Laura. It was just what she needed. The studio was new and clean and she met a bunch of ladies who were in it for the same reasons: improvement in overall stamina, weight loss, and increase in confidence. Once she was in, she knew this was it for her.

On average, Laura goes to HERS four days a week and a local gym a couple of times. She enjoys the weight circuit at the gym and doesn’t mind the co-ed environment. However, HERS brings a whole new dimension to her workout because the classes are fast and intense. Laura can burn 500 calories per class easily. Her favorite class is Box Camp because “Suzanne pushes me to give it my all.” The intensity level is completely upped and it is also “so much fun!” When the workout is done, Laura feels accomplished and strong. It’s that feeling of achieving success at an extremely tough challenge. Laura has also learned about her body and how it works through HERS. She is making better choices in terms of food too. She now has a food app that breaks down how to meal plan properly. She carefully divides up her use of carbs and protein which makes her weight loss and muscle gain rampant. She likes what she sees and the only issue is now having to buy a whole new wardrobe. “Nothing fits me now!”

Laura is the most recent winner of our Weight Loss Challenge. She lost 15 pounds and 19 inches. She loves all of the instructors because everyone is supportive and there to make sure she does her best. She was motivated to win, but happy just to lose weight. In general, her focus areas are the upper body and her thighs. Laura is at it until she reaches her goal. Like all of us at HERS, we are doing it to better ourselves. We are there to support you, Laura! So proud of your accomplishments. A+!


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