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Hers Story: Yvonne Ng – How I Transformed My Life With Hers Kickboxing

Turning 40 is a milestone, and like many others, the time was to reflect on my life journey. Having gone through three successful pregnancies and three significant losses, I believe pregnancy played a huge role in hormonal fluctuations and eventually a hypothyroid diagnosis. I finally had clarity as to why those stubborn last ten pounds clung to me the way they did. Reaching that benchmark of 40 meant focusing even more on my health, and that meant planning meals and regular exercise. It translated into me being more health conscious and tracking daily physical activity. While approaching 40 wasn’t a HUGE deal, finally having the complete family that I envisioned was. Now that the desire to have babies was over (mostly lol), it was time to focus on my health so I can watch these babies grow up. An anxious breast cancer screening (it runs in my family) also played a part in evaluating my overall lifestyle at that time.

Having a love for food, but not always the same affection for exercise, meant that weight gain was inevitable. I joke that “I workout to eat,” which is more often than not true. My husband and I love to dine out and we often discuss what the next meal will be at the current one. Luckily, Sundays to Thursdays are well-planned and regimented. Sundays are set aside for healthy meal preps and snacks for the week. However, the end of the week means a reward and well-deserved break which for us, means I don’t cook, so we head out for easy meals and unhealthy temptations. However, I’m not one to sacrifice the simple pleasures in life, and to me, food is one of them. If you scroll through my Instagram, you’ll know that food is a big part of my life. I learned from Hers Kickboxing that it’s not about depriving yourself, but about balance.

Starting my Hers regimen really began when two members swept me in. Literally. Meeting Suzette and Sharina was awesome, but how they gushed over the workouts is what really got me. They had so much gumption and conviction that I couldn’t help but be wrapped up in their emotion. I did my trial class and soon, I was hooked. I was the one telling all my friends and anyone who would listen about this awesome new workout place. Growing up obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and having taken group kickboxing classes (no contact) before, they had me at the very first “jab-jab-cross.”

I love smacking BOB around and feeling every kick reverberate. I love the weight training added to it because at home, I was stuck in the same squat rut and no one else was there to challenge my form or progression. With amazing instructors and a group of like-minded women, it was easy to encompass this new routine. Wanting to punch harder or kick higher was motivation for me. The heart monitor also tickles my competitive side and I want to burn more calories with each class or stay more in the red zone.

Now almost two years later, I’m still here. Being one of the founding members is incredible. I can’t see a healthy lifestyle without Hers Kickboxing Studios. For the quick 45 minute workouts, I burn about 500-600 calories a session. I get in, punch a few rounds, and let those endorphins fly. It not only relieves the stress of a hard day, but I feel the effects for hours, if not days later. There really is a rush and power to these classes, and I love the variety! They change the routines and soundtracks regularly, so my body never gets bored. It’s constantly challenged, and over time, I’ve been getting stronger without even realizing it. A couple of years ago, I couldn’t keep up with my nine-year-old on the monkey bars. Last summer, I blew by her when we did our own version of American Ninja. The ability to out plank my husband and feel comfortable in bikinis after three kids is amazing, but what’s better is the increased level of confidence and stamina.

Hers Kickboxing has changed my life. What about you? Are you ready for a change?


I love telling stories and this was a brief version of mine I wanted to share. I would love to hear from you. How did you reach this place in your life where Hers has become not only routine, but a part of your lifestyle? What milestones (highs or lows) got you to the moment where focusing on you became a priority? I would love to get to know you and your story, and feature it in an upcoming Hers newsletter! To share your journey and inspire others, please contact me at: or


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