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Kitty! 2022 6-Week Spring Hustle Challenge Winner!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Last year, Kitty joined the Hers Kickboxing 6-Week Spring Hustle Challenge. Kitty was hoping to learn how to eat properly in terms of portion size and macros.

We asked Kitty what her struggles were prior to joining the challenge. Kitty was struggling with finding a workout that motivated her and knowing what to eat that would help reduce and/or maintain her weight.

"When I felt heavy and mentally/physically uncomfortable with my weight", was when Kitty decided she needed to make a change.

Kitty wanted to give The 6-Week Spring Hustle Challenge a try because "it was only 6-weeks and came with organized meal plans".

We also asked Kitty to share the results of the challenge.

I am more mindful and disciplined of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I am happier because I feel healthier and physically at a place where I want to be at and maintain.

We are so proud to report that 1-year later, Kitty has maintained her weight loss.

I still feel really good. I've maintained my weight because learning what to eat, and how that impacts my body, was my objective from the start.

The 6-Week Spring Hustle Challenge was the inspiration she needed to go forward with an active, healthy lifestyle as a forever goal. We'll be here cheering you on and supporting you in Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability.

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