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  • Yvonne Ng

Hers Story: Anna Sophia – Gimme an A!

Unlike most jobs, teachers don’t work 9 to 5 and leave it all in the office. They bring it home with them and the stress of that needs somewhere to go. For 27 year old Anna-Sophia, who currently teaches a grade 6/7 split for the Toronto District School Board, HERS is the perfect outlet for that. A Markham local, she discovered HERS when out with her mom. Her mom pointed it out across from the mall and thought her daughter would like that. Like many gym rats, Goodlife didn’t have the same motivation for her. The elliptical got boring and the circuit only pushed her so much. Moksha Yoga was good, but Anna-Sophia couldn’t shut off her mind. She thought about grading, new lesson plans, and made never ending to-do lists. A young 20 something with a new career, she had lots on her mind and yoga required her to refocus on one thing, her breath, and it was hard. When she found HERS, this was the physical active component she needed in her life. It quickly became a part of her daily routine and was a habitual stop on her way home. She was “gym bag ready.” It fit perfectly into her millennial lifestyle.

When asked about her favourite class, Anna-Sophia couldn’t decide, but she does enjoy Power Box a lot. Taking a variety of classes helped her body use many muscle groups while challenging her mind and body. With the intricacies of some routines, she had to focus on the steps. “Jab, cross, hook, jab, step back and kick!” That helped focus her mind and for the next 45 minutes, she wasn’t worried about assessments and report cards. She could just get into her zone and put herself in a tough warrior mode. She was in it for the whole routine. She also couldn’t choose one favourite instructor. “They are all welcoming. They ask about my day and make it personal. I feel they try to get to know me.”

Before joining HERS in January 2017, she had decided to make a lifestyle change in October 2016. Anna-Sophia lost 15 pounds by defining a new lifestyle and way of eating for herself. She cut out sugar, dairy, and grains. She stuck with fruits, veggies, and protein, with potatoes as her carbs. She has lost an additional 15 pounds since becoming a part of this female-centred company. Her friends often comment about her weight loss and she attributes a lot of it to HERS. She has suggested her friends give it a shot too. She knows self-control is a large part of her progress so I think she deserves a lot of the credit. Does this teacher let her students know about her passion for punching and kicking? She says they are aware of her healthy eating habits and tries to encourage them as well. Earlier in the year, they had Treat Fridays, where students brought in items for each other, but it has since ended. It would be great if they brought each other veggies, but the chances of that was unlikely. It was more cupcakes and other treats, so she isn’t too disappointed that their Treat Fridays isn’t as popular as before.

Anna-Sophia’s old goals were to just be toned and fit. She lost the weight and it was necessary to find a fun way to maintain it. Now, she finds the 45-minute classes more for her stress outlet. She knows maintenance is key to her newfound curves and confidence. Her overall upper body and strength has also increased, as she uses 15lb kettlebells with ease and 10lb weights. Her use of the InBody 170 weight machine also helps keep her focused. If she sees the numbers a little higher than her liking, she watches her cheat days a little more closely. She finds balance in her life rather than strict eating. Who enjoys life when you’re not having fun? For Anna-Sophia, her career is only starting and she has much passion for her students and her after work routine. Keep up the great attitude and lifestyle! A+ for initiative and effort, Anna-Sophia!


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