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#SecretChallenge Revealed

You may have been seeing some of our #secretchallenge posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook, and wondering what was behind the hashtag!!

Well, here you have it...

We recently partnered with Prestige Labs and they were chosen because of their superior quality! Their products are all natural with no artificial ingredients or fillers. Prestige Labs products were developed by a PhD and are used with Olympic athletes!

BUT, that still wasn't enough for us! We wanted to test it out behind the scenes so that we could share our honest experience and feedback firsthand!! We wanted to be able to tell Hers members what we liked, what worked best and let the results speak for themselves!

So, 6 of us (beta testers) did a #secretchallenge for 3 weeks! This group of 6 was successful in past challenges, and were committed and dedicated to a lifestyle change. The accelerated results, by using Prestige Labs, was the motivation to get them to their goal faster!!

The interesting thing about the results was the "body recomposition". Our beta testers lost fat, but gained lean mass at the same time. This is not typical. Fat loss requires a calorie deficit, while lean mass gain requires an increase in calories greater than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

Also, all of our beta testers were already active and following a healthy nutrition plan, so this shows just how the supplements can really accelerate results!!

All beta testers provided feedback about the supplements they liked best, and ALL of them were amazed by the Recomp Stack, specifically Pre-Step 1, Pre-Step 2 and Intra. Feedback included a noticeable increase in energy (a boost) that took their workouts to the next level, as well as, less fatigue and a more balanced mood.

We are so proud of our beta tester team! We applaud them for helping us, help you!!

Here at Hers Kickboxing, we cater our program based on the needs of the client, and we want to make sure you are a great fit for the program.

If you have been struggling to reach your goals, contact Sharon for a FREE consultation.


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