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The Cute Little Summer Dress "Wrap-Up"!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The wait is over! The results are in! Winners have been announced!

The Cute Little Summer Dress Challenge was a 6-week program designed to help our members learn more about balancing nutrition, embracing an active lifestyle, decreasing body fat, becoming more self-confident and celebrating healthy successes!

Our members achieved such incredible results, so we have permanently expanded our services to include 3 pillars for success! Fitness, full body intense workouts focusing on cardio, strength, power and endurance. Nutrition, our easy to follow, custom meal plans, including vegetarian and vegan options. Accountability, three levels of support to ensure success.

Please join us in congratulating JENNIFER for "most pounds lost" and SOPHIA for the "greatest decrease in body fat percentage"! JENNIFER lost 17.9 pounds during the challenge, and SOPHIA saw a decrease of 8.3% total body fat! These results are truly incredible and we are so very proud of the both of you!

Both of our WINNERS received prizes to award them for their discipline, hard-work, motivation and strength. A Pandora Boxing Glove Dangle Charm on a Pandora Moments Braided Leather T-bar Bracelet were presented to them at The #CLSD Awards Ceremony! We hope that they will be reminded of their successful journey when they wear it, and that it will inspire them to go forward with an active, healthy lifestyle as their forever goal!

Congratulations to all 28 challenge members! It was definitely a Hers team effort!

Here is what some of our past challenge members had to say...

Q. What was it about The Cute Little Summer Dress Challenge that made you want to give it a try?

Jinal: "The structure that it provided. Took the thinking/uncertainty about making significant changes to my diet and exercise routine."

Q. What have been the results from joining the challenge? This can be anything physical, mental, new knowledge, new behaviour, etc.

Sophia: "All of the above! I feel better with myself which is reflected outwards; family and coworkers are seeing a different outlook. I have a much better understanding on meals and how to balance weight with food intake."

Q. How do you feel now compared to the beginning of the challenge?

Jennifer: "Much more comfortable with my body. My face looks like my face again (I only struggled with weight since 2018). Even little things, like catching a glimpse of my face in a mirror feels so much better now than it did just six weeks ago. It's crazy to think how much can change in just six weeks. I am very motivated. I still have 30 pounds to go, and now after this challenge, I have no doubt I'm going to get there within the time frame I want."

Q. What would you tell someone that was on the fence about joining a future challenge at Hers Kickboxing? Should they join? Why or why not?

Simone - "People have been asking what I'm doing when they notice the changes in my weight and I am telling them that the proof is in the pudding. I tell them that they should definitely join a challenge! The key for me was that "everything" was completely laid out and provided to you. All you had to do was follow along, day-by-day. Some people need that type of "recipe" to get started with something. Some people are also driven by the competition of a challenge and that might be all the drive they need to succeed. I really hope another challenge comes soon so I can keep pushing, but I now have the foundation and will continue to use what I learned to keep going."

Kitty was our winner last year, and has maintained her weight loss. She says, "I still feel really good. I've maintained my weight because learning what to eat, and how that impacts my body, was my objective from the start."

If you missed out on registering for the #CLSD Challenge, not to worry! We have programs available that can get your to your goal faster than you think! Call us to set up a consultation and see if this is the right fit for you (905-477-7007).


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