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Turn your attention to injury prevention!

On March 25th, Cornerstone Physiotherapy came to Hers Kickboxing Markham! Giacomo Silvestri, Physiotherapist, provided free education to Hers members.

To avoid common injuries that can come with kickboxing, Giacomo discussed the 3-pronged approach to avoiding injuries - Strength, Stability, Mobility. Different stretches that could be done in addition to the warm-up are proven to aid in reovery, and were also discussed.

Members received an explanation of the anatomy of the shoulder and knee, the pathology of injuries and the exercises to help avoid those injuries.

The following videos spotlight the Strength, Stability and Mobility exercises learned:

  • Band High Wide Row & External Rotation - working on strength and stability in the upper back and posterior deltoids, specifically the external rotators of the shoulder which provide stability to the joint.

  • Lunges - strength and stability for the hips and knees

  • Ankle exercises to help with stability/balance, as everything is connected.

The education and information was well-received! Hers members are armed with the knowledge on how to avoid the pain and discomfort that can come from certain repetitive movements.

Cornerstone Physiotherapy is happy to answer any questions Hers members may have and are welcome to stop in at any time.

Visit the front desk at your next workout to receive 50% off your first service at Cornerstone Physiotherapy (consults, massage, physio, etc.). Thank you Giacomo and team!

"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."


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